Monday, 4 August 2008

Chomsky at 80- why?

Noam Chomsky turns 80 on December 7th this year.

There's going to be a conference that takes some of the issues he's written about and gets activists and scholars from those areas talking to each other, exchanging ideas and information.

"Manchester will host activists and scholars who will come together to discuss, share and debate around the issues that Chomsky has worked on (and one or two that he hasn't!).

Neither worshipping nor condemning, the focus is not on Chomsky the man or the theorist, but exploring the current developments on issues he has written about."

And yes, I told him about it, and yes, he's happy to be the excuse for such a venture.

Which will take place at the Central Hall, Oldham St, Manchester on Saturday November 29th.

The reason we've not put it on the 6th is we didn't want to clash with the annual Climate march in London. More information very soon...

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