Tuesday, 4 November 2008

When a plan comes together...

Okay... we're finally up and running to sell tickets. Full details of prices and how to order in advance are at http://www.chomskyat80.org.uk/contactus.html
And we've got some new confirmed speakers and facilitators for the solidarity movements and intellectual self-defence workshops.
So now we have David Miller of Strathclyde Uni speaking on the mass media; Milan Rai of Peacenews and various books (including on Chomsky himself) leading a workshop on UK foreign policy and peace activism; Leo Murray of Plane Stupid heading the session on climate change; Andy Bowman of Manchester Uni facilitating the group on intellectual self-defence. And we sort of have confirmed speakers for US foreign policy and for solidarity movements, just need to tie up them loose ends.
And we've got some stalls confirmed (we need a list of these on the website, too).
But all in all, it's coming together!
Nice one.

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