Sunday, 30 November 2008

"Great event, not enough people"

Yesterday it finally Happened.

Months of planning and liaising with various speakers, workshop-givers, finding last minute replacements when a couple of people let us down... all culminated in a day that went very well, with various workshops and discussions going off without a hitch. Thanks to all speakers, facilitators and participants.

The feedback forms were overwhelmingly positive, and a few helpful hints for any future event we did. These responses- anonymised, and the various flipcharts that participants filled in- will be posted on the Chomsky at 80 website imminently.

The only real downside of the day was simply Not Enough People. Various reasons can be mooted, but it's not easy to see what else we could have done, given our budget.

Anyway, over the coming days and even weeks, we'll be posting reports from the day, and other useful information. The first, about the Intellectual Self-Defence workshop, will be posted today.

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