Saturday, 22 November 2008

Swings and roundabouts...

... what goes up must come down, you win some you lose some.
The cliches come thick and fast ;-)
So, we're sad to announce that David Miller has had to drop out of the conference due to family commitments, but we're very happy to say that his place will be taken by Dr Andy Mullen of Northumbria University.
Dr Mandy Turner of Bradford University will be leading the Palestine workshop, drawing on her breadth of experience in research and writing and on the ground.
Hilary Wainwright has also had to drop out of the workshop on the responsibility of intellectuals, but we hope to announce her replacement in the next day or so when we've tied up some loose ends.
Getting a good set of speakers for an event like this - especially one organised by volunteers and on 'activist' (read minimal) budget levels is horribly akin to herding cats. But I think we'll have a quality showing on the day.

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