Thursday, 27 November 2008

Loose ends

A few more loose ends tied up.
Firstly, another stallholder to add - Manchester Solidarity Federation will also be joining us (another flavour for the political mix).
And the second speaker for the US Foreign Policy workshop, alongside Ron Senchak, will be Marc Hudson, one of the conference organisers. He studied politics at the University of California in the 1990s, before working as an aid worker in Southern Africa over the course of three years. He reviews books for Environmental Politics and Red Pepper, has co-edited two books about climate change and is one of the founders of Manchester Climate Fortnightly. He tried to appear on Mastermind with US covert and overt foreign policy operations as a specialist subject, but they wouldn't let him on the grounds that too many of the answers might be 'contentious.' So he did Tom Lehrer instead...

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